Revenue Sharing Model

Staking Pools and Deflationary Mechanism

Within our game ecosystem, we have implemented a unique economic model designed to promote sustainability and encourage player engagement. A significant portion, specifically 30%, of our revenues is allocated for distribution as profit shares within our staking pools.

This allocation serves as an expression of gratitude for our players' valuable contributions and active participation in the Apion community. Importantly, it's crucial to note that this distribution does not involve the creation of additional tokens, thus ensuring that it does not lead to an increase in the overall token supply.

This structural design inherently introduces a deflationary effect, as there is no injection of new tokens into circulation. Deflationary mechanisms have the potential to safeguard and even appreciate the value of a token over time. This not only enhances the token's utility as a long-term store of value for our players but also serves as a catalyst for economic activities flourishing within our ecosystem.

Our primary objective is to fortify trust and engagement among our players and investors alike. This approach generously rewards our community's unwavering commitment and active involvement in our project, while simultaneously safeguarding the long-term value proposition of our token.

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