Reward System

In Guardians of Apion, the efforts and battles of players are always rewarded. The game features four distinct reward mechanics, which are post-battle chests, quests, achievements, and battle pass progressions. The design of the reward system emphasizes rewarding players for battles they already enjoy, rather than imposing tasks that might detract from the enjoyment of the game.

In PvE battles, players become eligible for rewards as soon as they complete the 5th wave, and each level they progress increases their reward multiplier. In PvP battles, players are rewarded for their efforts, whether they win or lose, although the rewards for winning are naturally more valuable.

The game's end-of-game reward system consists of seven different chests and forms the basis of players' income. Our Design Team, aiming to make the rewards predictable in exchange for players' efforts, has established a chest drop system comprising 210 chests. When players win their first chest, they initiate a chest cycle consisting of 210 chests. The quantity of cards to be obtained from the chests varies depending on the chest type, while the amount of gold obtained from chests is determined by how successful players are in the battles they complete. Therefore, in Guardians of Apion, the difference made by players' efforts and the time they invest is always designed to be returned as gains.

Through the achievement and quest system, which is determined based on players' character preferences and compositions, players receive rewards both at the end of battles and upon completing missions. The success rate in the battles played determines how far players will progress in their monthly battle passes. The battle pass system, consisting of 120 tiers, rewards players with various items based on the type of pass tickets they possess.

In addition to these, tournaments and special battles also provide players with unique and limited-time items that they wouldn't be able to obtain through other means as rewards

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