The exploration team from Earth consists of a diverse group of pioneers, each with unique characteristics. These pioneers accompany our players in their adventures and provide assistance along the way. Players can choose and acquire heroes that fit their preferred playstyle and incorporate them into their decks as part of their team. Unlike Apions, heroes do not have a deployment cost in the game, which means they do not affect the player's Apion choices. As players employ their chosen pioneer in battles, they can accumulate experience points (XP) to develop and use them more effectively.

The progression of pioneers differs from that of Apions. Pioneers earn experience points per game in which they are used, with the amount of experience gained depending on the length of the match. In other words, the further players progress in waves during battles, the more experience their pioneer will earn. When your pioneer accumulates enough XP to advance to the next level and you have sufficient in-game currency, you can level them up. Leveling up will enhance the pioneer's stats, allowing them to deliver more powerful attacks and take less damage from enemies. Choosing a pioneer should be a carefully considered decision since there is no option to transfer the experience earned to a different pioneer. Each pioneer has a class and elemental power, learned from the Apions and honed through the use of Apatis crystals in their weapons when they arrived from Earth. Thus, when selecting your pioneer, you should take into account the type of composition you want to create for your adventures.


Backstory: Cheff, unlike others, had a challenging childhood. He grew up in an orphanage and was raised by the state as a child without a family. Despite these harsh conditions, he developed resilience and determination during his formative years.

At a young age, he joined a military training program and quickly embraced military discipline. Serving as a Pilot Captain in the final world war, he displayed unwavering loyalty to his country. However, the war brought great tragedy to Cheff's life. He lost his beloved spouse, marking a turning point in his life.

After the establishment of the United World Government, Cheff continued to serve in the new military, but this time in a different role. The loss of his spouse drove him to accept perilous missions that could be considered suicidal. These missions often ended in life-and-death struggles, and Cheff courageously undertook them.

In one of these dangerous missions, a horrific accident occurred, leading to the loss of Cheff's arm. However, this traumatic experience further strengthened his character. He decided to continue his life by having a metal hook attached to replace his lost limb and remained determined to fight and lead despite his physical handicap.

Now, he leads the human pioneers, imparting them with courage and determination. Cheff's past demonstrates his role in changing the destiny of humanity on this great adventure. He represents the last hope to save the world as he leads the human pioneers to Apion.


Ryna had a privileged upbringing as the educated child of a wealthy family. Her journey through life was marked by academic excellence and scientific achievement. Ryna was known for her outstanding contributions to various scientific studies, which eventually earned her the last Nobel Prize awarded before the onset of the war.

When the world was on the brink of chaos, Ryna chose a path that would set her apart. She volunteered to provide crucial expertise as a consultant to military operations, particularly focused on preventing the looming threat of a nuclear catastrophe. Her brilliance in scientific matters made her an invaluable asset during this tumultuous time.

However, fate took a cruel turn during a mission when she was exposed to a devastating explosion. The explosion not only gravely injured her but also shattered her spine, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. This incident could have been the end of her contributions, but Ryna's resilience and unwavering determination saw her through.

Ryna dedicated years to her recovery and rehabilitation. Through her unwavering resolve and relentless spirit, she developed a groundbreaking solution—a robotic exoskeleton with a scorpion-like tail, which provided her with mobility and strength. This remarkable invention led to her being affectionately referred to as Doctor Scorpion.

During this exploration mission, Ryna plays a pivotal role as Cheff's trusted assistant and a scientific consultant. Her immense knowledge and innovative thinking complement Cheff's leadership perfectly. Together, they embark on this quest to Apion, holding the hope of discovering a solution to the world's dire problems.


Fatih had an innate passion for engineering from a very young age. Even as a child, he was constantly tinkering with household items, always striving to create something new and innovative. His primary fascination lay in the realm of remote-controlled systems, and he spent countless hours experimenting with them.

Despite hailing from a modest middle-class background, Fatih's determination and intellect propelled him to excel in academics. He pursued his bachelor's degree with unmatched dedication and emerged as a top graduate in his field. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a master's and eventually a doctorate, specializing in unmanned weapon systems.

Fatih's groundbreaking inventions in the field of technology became instrumental during the world war, saving the lives of numerous soldiers. His contributions earned him global recognition, and he became a household name in the world of engineering and innovation.

One of his most recent inventions was a technologically advanced sword that synchronized seamlessly with his own body, enabling unparalleled precision and control. This invention showcased his ingenuity and mastery of merging technology with the human form.

As Cheff's technological consultant, Fatih brings his expertise and inventive brilliance to the mission. His journey to Apion as part of the exploration team represents a selfless commitment to humanity's survival, as he seeks to leverage his technological prowess to confront the challenges ahead.

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