Core Mechanics

Combat System

The fundamental mechanic at the heart of the Apion game is its combat system. Players engage in battles against either other players or AI-controlled opponents in the PvE mode. The crux of combat revolves around the player's skill in assembling a composition from their Apion deck to overcome the opposing composition. Once a battle commences, player intervention becomes impossible.

Character Stats

Various character statistics determine the strength and resilience of characters. These metrics include:

  • HP (Health Points): Represents a character's health.

  • DMG (Damage): Signifies a character's offensive power.

  • Attack Speed: Reflects a character's rate of attack.

  • Fire Resistance: Measures a character's resistance against fire-element attacks.

  • Water Resistance: Gauges a character's resistance against water-element attacks.

  • Toxic Resistance: Evaluates a character's resistance against toxic-element attacks.

  • Earth Resistance: Assesses a character's resistance against earth-element attacks.

  • Electric Resistance: Quantifies a character's resistance against electric-element attacks.

  • Ulti Power: Specifies the damage potency of a character's ability attacks.

Basic Attacks

Basic attacks are continuous attacks executed by characters using their bodies or weapons. Generally, basic attacks remain unaffected by elements. Some Apions may exhibit enhanced basic attacks due to their elemental affinity, although this is an exception. The damage dealt by basic attacks is contingent on the character's Attack Damage Stat.

Ability Attacks

Characters unleash ability attacks by harnessing their elemental power. These attacks necessitate the character's mana pool to be fully charged, achieved through basic attacks and exposure to enemy attacks. Apions equipped with mana pools automatically initiate ability attacks. The damage output of ability attacks is contingent on the Ulti Power Stat.

This intricate combat system lies at the core of the Apion experience, where strategic deck composition and a deep understanding of character attributes are vital for victory.

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