Side Mechanics

Team Spirit

Apions are distinguished by their classes, elements, and characters. Classes and elements of Apions are fixed and known to players in advance, allowing them to prepare their compositions accordingly. Character attributes are randomly assigned during the creation of an NFT and can be altered with various in-game items. If a specific class or element is heavily represented on the game board, it activates a special effect affecting the entire team or a group of the same type. Character buffs are formed by aligning a certain pattern, making them powerful but harder to obtain.

Class Enhancements

Class enhancements are acquired by having a certain number of Apions from the same class actively present on the battlefield. Each class offers different enhancements, and the effectiveness of these enhancements increases with the number of Apions. The required number of Apions for enhancements is determined as 2, 3, or 4.

Tank Class: Grants an additional +% Element Resistance to all monsters on the board.

Fighter Class: When Monsters in the entire board defeat enemies, they instantly gain %X Health regeneration based on their own Health values.

Shooter Class: Provides an additional +% Attack Speed to all monsters on the board. This affects basic attacks only.

Assassin Class: Bestows a buff that enables monsters on the entire board to instantly kill enemies with a single hit (Execute) when the enemy's unit health is at %X.

Element Enhancements

Element enhancements are obtained by having a certain number of Apions of the same element actively present on the battlefield. Each element offers different enhancements, and their effectiveness increases with the number of Apions. The required number of Apions for enhancements is determined as 2, 3, or 4.

  • Fire Element: Increases the range of skills of all monsters on the board.

  • Electricity Element: Imposes a debuff on enemy monsters when they hit or use skills on opponent monsters, reducing their Attack Speed and Movement Speed based on their own values.

  • Toxic Element: Grants bonus Damage Points to all monsters on the board.

  • Water Element: Starts all monsters on the board with additional mana at the beginning of the battle.

  • Earth Element: Provides additional Health Points (Health) to all monsters on the board.

Battle System

The battle system is divided into PVP and PVE modes. PVE is further categorized into Normal Encounters and Hunt Battles. PVP consists of Normal Matches, Ranked Matches, and Tournament Matches.


Normal Encounters

This mode is designed for players to overcome the compositions of AI-controlled opponents over 30 rounds. In-game resources and player rewards increase every 5 levels. If a player is defeated before resisting the first 4 waves, they receive no rewards. The player's first reward achievement unlocks when they defeat the 5th wave. After that, the reward system progresses every 5 waves. Resources that can be used in-game also level up accordingly. For the first 5 waves, a player can place 3 Apions on the game board. If they win against the 5th wave, the resource pool grows, allowing the player to use 5 Apions.

Hunt Battles

This battle mechanism, to be integrated into the open-world system of the game, allows players to engage and, if victorious, capture Apions or Apion groups they encounter while exploring the open world. If the player wins, there is a chance that they may not be able to capture the wild Apions using capsules. Captured Apions can be used in the player's deck after being tamed in capsules. If an Apion in the player's deck has less than 50% health after a battle, it must undergo capsule treatment to recover. The duration of treatment is determined by the missing health percentage. Apions with more than 50% health will gradually recover on their own.


Normal Matches

PVP in-game mode involves a series of 6-turn battles where the player's reward and resource pool develop for each level completed in PVE. In PVE, there is enough resource pool for 3 Apions in the 5th wave. Consequently, for each level in PVE, a corresponding PVP duel is held. These 6-turn battles yield points based on damage dealt and the number of defeated Apions. At the end of 6 turns, the player with the highest score wins the prize.

Ranked Matches

Ranked matches follow the same rules as Normal Matches. The winner of these matches receives rewards and gains ranking points in the Apion Colosseum. Point gains and losses are fixed for winning and losing, respectively. Winners of Ranked Matches earn 15 points, while losers lose 10 points.


The scheduling and rules of tournaments, including the game mode, are determined by the Independent Player Government (IPG). The player who finishes first in the tournament will receive an Apion NFT as a direct reward, while second and third-place players will receive consumables.

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