Apion Rarity System

In the game Guardians of Apion, characters are classified into a 6-tier system, which consists of Grand, Arcane, Heroic, Celestial, Epic, and Mythic tiers.

These tiers determine the power level and limits of characters. The basic stat ranges provided for classes on the Characters page represent the Heroic tier Apions. According to this table, Apions at the Heroic tier exhibit a variation of 105% to 120% in their Health, Attack Power, and Ability Damage stats as their rarity increases or decreases.

Additionally, the rarity levels of Apions also dictate their place in the class and element systems and determine the type of enhancements they possess. You can review the following table to understand what kind of enhancements Apions have based on their rarity level:



Guarantee both elemental and class enhancements.


Guarantee both elemental and class enhancements.


Guarantee both elemental and class enhancements.


Guarantee 1 elemental and class enhancement; possible second class enhancement.


Guarantee 1 elemental and 2 class enhancements; possible second elemental enhancement.


Guarantee 2 class and 2 elemental enhancements.

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