How to Become an NFT Owner?

Guardians of Apion is a free-to-play game, and as such, every player has access to a basic deck when they register to play the game. However, to explore the depths of the Apion planet and advance your adventure, you will need more powerful decks. To maintain the game's F2P structure, we have designed a reward system. You can find the details in the reward system article. This system allows your progression in the game to grant you access to new Apions and more powerful decks. The game features a rarity system consisting of 6 different tiers of Apions. The conditions for creating an Apion vary depending on this rarity system.

According to the values you see in the table, you need to collect card fragments for the Apion you want to acquire. The upgrade costs for Apions with enough fragments are as follows:

The chests awarded from your end-of-game victories, achievements, and quest rewards, along with the in-game gold you earn, can cover these costs. After paying the upgrade fee, your cards are merged into an Apion NFT, permanently added to your wallet and inventory.

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